News from India


We are happy to present you a new project. In October 2022 we met the Cuddles Foundation, based in Mumbai. The Cuddles Foundation works in over 30 hospitals in India and supports children with cancer with a nutrition program. With the help of a food health app, all nutritionists of the foundation are connected and can use the collected data to offer the children the right nutrition to strengthen them in their fight against cancer. TASNA has sponsored a hospital in Naya Raipur. In January of this year, 40 small patients were in our program at the BALCO Medical Center.

We will visit the children this year to see how we can continue to support them and their families.

News from Laos



In addition to the existing projects such as the nursery, the aquaponic farm in the Luang Prabang orphanage and the nutrition program in remote villages, another project is being added. Our project manager Andrew encourages the children from the villages to go to middle school. This is not in the village, i.e. the children either have to attend a boarding school or cover longer distances with a school bus. We are happy to support this project to give the children a good education




We have been supporting 13-year-old Pasia since August 2020. At that time we had a small hut built for her near the school in Nambak. Without this house she would have stayed in her village and would not have attended school.

about us

Our association, founded in 1998, actively supports the interests of disabled orphans and other socially disadvantaged children in Asia.
We currently support

3 homes: two in XinXiang, Henan Province China and 1 orphanage in Luang Prabang / Laos

The organization ‚Lotus for Laos‘ with 35 scholarships in Laos

3 Villages in Laos with around 500 children. Here we finance balanced nutrition, school andmedical care.

1 school in India, Palghar District

Each year, board members travel to Laos, India and China to visit the children, to see for themselves how the projects are progressing, and to see how the donations are being used.

Our local partners are trustworthy organisations whose members are intensively committed to the children. Since our foundation, approximately CHF 2 million in donations have flowed into our projects in China and Laos. Every donated franc will be used 1:1 for the children!

The money is invested in medical care, physiotherapy, nursing staff, nutrition andtraining.


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