2 children’s homes in Xinxiang Henan province


The children’s home Sunshine Village under the direction of Mrs. Ding is located in a village outside the city and looks more like a large family than a children’s home. Mrs. Ding, a small, energetic person, together with three domestic workers takes care of her 29 pupils aged between 4 and 18. The big children help out and earn additional pocketmoney. We have been supporting Mrs. Ding for several years in the payment of medicalcare, school fees and caretakers.

Most children here have one parent in prison, the other is dead, run away or sick. They are therefore often severely traumatized and need care and stability in their lives without a family.

A pair of siblings was brought to Mrs. Ding’s children’s home on 1 June. Liu Shaman (7 years) and Liu Fengshuo (5 years). Both children are mute. Medical clarifications showed that both could speak from a medical point of view. Here we assume a strong trauma. We are convinced that the two are in good hands in Mrs. Ding’s house and will do our utmost to ensure that they receive psychological care as well. The two are wonderfully received and integrated by the other children. Liu Shaman already speaks a few words, without any connection, but she often smiles. Liu Fengshuo, on the otherhand, says only one incomprehensible word. Since the staff of the home are already working at full capacity, we will finance help to take care of the two while the other children are in school.


Only about 20 minutes by car from the children’s home of Mrs. Ding is the children’s village ‘SunVillage’, which is much bigger and more modern. It is modelled on the SunVillage in Beijing, the first home for children of prisoners, and currently accommodates 71 children aged 4 to 19. The home is officially registered and is therefore supported by the local government with a monthly contribution corresponding to the salaries of the employees. Most children have had traumatic experiences and the weekly work of psychologists is therefore very important. We finance the regular visits of the children to the prisons where one parent is living as well as the school fees and university fees for 5 students.

15 employees take care of the children and their care around the clock. There are helpers who live with the children in the individual houses (divided into girls and boys and according to age groups) as well as kitchen helpers, an electrician and an accountant. In total the SunVillage needs 750’000 RMB per year. Here we take over approx. 175’000 RMB annually and thus cover the school fees of all 71 children and the tuition fees of the former orphanage children.