On February 25, 1998, the association “China’s Forgotten Orphans” was founded. Its purpose was to draw the attention of the Swiss public to the plight of orphans and other severely socially disadvantaged young people in China and its neighboring countries, to collect donations and thus to sustainably improve the living conditions of these young people.
The conditions in China today cannot be compared to the conditions in 1998 and besides us there are various organizations including government agencies that care for the children now. Hence we are now implementing our extensive experience gained over time in caring for disabled and socially severely disadvantaged children in other orphanages and countries.
Statutes of our association

As a consequence the ‘TASNA Association’ is the natural evolution of the original association “China’s Forgotten Orphans”. The name TASNA comes from Piz Tasna, an imposing Swiss mountain located at the end of the Tasna Valley in the Engadine. It symbolizes both the strength and reliability of our association and the hard life of orphans. Once at the top, there is a very beautiful view. Care, health and education are the prerequisites for these disadvantaged children to reach the top, which offers them completely new perspectives.

Our goal is to help orphans and severely socially disadvantaged children in Laos, India and China achieve a more humane childhood and a self-determined future by sustainably improving the level of their care, nutrition and medical treatment and by providing as many young people as possible with a solid school, technical and university education.

So far, the association has invested the Swiss donations in the employment of nursing staff, teachers and physiotherapists as well as their training, the supply of food and resources as well as in surgeries and hospitalizations,. More and more we are supporting the education of young people, be they handicapped or other severely socially disadvantaged children.

Throughout the years, private donations, memberships, sponsoring contributions and annual charity events have enabled us to support needy children in Asia with a total of approximately 2’500’000.- CHF from Switzerland and to provide them with a more humane childhood and a solid education.

We still have the same project leaders on site, with whom we have built up a very trustworthy relationship. Thus, despite Corona, we always have access to the latest developments in the orphanages, schools and villages.

– through your donation
– through your membership in our association
– by visiting our charity event
– through a collective donation (e.g. instead of gifts at parties)
– by sponsoring care, nutrition or a scholarship for the secondary school or university in Laos.
Donations to our association are tax deductible!