The association “China’s forgotten Orphans” was founded on 25 February 1998 with the aim of drawing the attention of the Swiss public to the plight of orphans and other socially disadvantaged young people in China and its neighbouring countries, to collect donations, and thus effectively improve the living conditions of these young people.

Statutes of our association

The ‘TASNA Association’ is a further development of the ‘China’s forgotten Orphans’ Association, founded in 1998, which has been supporting children in China for 20 years. The name Tasna comes from Piz Tasna, a Swiss mountain located at the end of the Tasna Valley, which symbolizes the strength and reliability of our association as well as the hard life of orphans. Health and education are the prerequisites for these destitutechildren to reach the summit that offers them completely new perspectives.



Our long-term goal is to help children achieve a more humane childhood and a more independent future. We want to constantly improve the level of child care, nutrition and mental and physical development of the children in various orphanages in China.



So far, the association has invested Swiss donations in operations, hospitalisation, the employment of nursing staff, teachers and physiotherapists as well as their training. We are becoming increasingly involved in the education of young people, be they disabled orphans or other socially disadvantaged children.