The state orphanage in Luang Prabang currently houses 600 children between the ages of 11 and 17. The big children help with the care of the little ones and they all visit the school of the orphanage. Fields are cultivated behind the residential buildings. The vegetables grown there are used in the kitchen of the orphanage.


In 2018, together with friends from Myanmar and our project manager Andrew, we built an Aquaponic Farm directly on the property of the orphanage in Luang Prabang. The young people now manage this farm independently. They not only learn to grow vegetables regardless of the season, but also to breed fish that they sell to the orphanage kitchen.


Andrew launched the project of toddler care in the orphanage of Luang Prabang in 2018. Originally there were only 4 children in kindergarten. Today, 24 children who come from remote villages, have lost their parents or were very sick live here. TASNA has been supporting this project since the beginning.


When we were in Laos in 2018, Andrew Brown from the organization ‘supportlaochildren’ took us to a remote village without infrastructure.

After translating the Mekong and about two hours by car, we reached a village that was barely reachable until recently via a newly created gravel road. Lack of infrastructure is a big issue in Laos and during the rainy season countless places are completely cut off.

We learned that here approx. 200 children live together with 400 adults, there is a lack of food and medication and the public primary school can only be reached by an hour walk. An organized school bus would significantly change the perspective of these bright children. We are therefore planning a new project here in cooperation with Andrew Brown to provide these children with a school education as well as better nutrition and sufficient medical care.

This year, thanks to a generous donation, we are able to support a total of 6 of these remote villages.

Schools were built, water pipes were laid and the children receive eggs and milk for a balanced diet.


In Laos, TASNA has been working closely with the organization “Lotus for Laos” by Franzisca Gartenmann since 2017, which has been running a scholarship program for orphans in the area around Luang Prabang since 2014.
Two and a half hours north of Luang Prabang is the orphanage of Nambak, which is approx. 600 children. Here we could personally experience how our project manager Andrew Brown told the students of the final year about the possibility of a scholarship for the university. There was a spell-sunked silence in the classroom and during the break everyone wanted to apply directly. A few young people could speak English and translated our many questions.
The cost of a scholarship is 670,- CHF per year. Further information can be found at www.lotusforlaos.org


In 2022, a middle school program was launched by our project manager Andrew. The beginning was made by 16 children from the village of Ban Hoi Kan, which we already support with the nutrition program. Every day, these children now go on the 1.5-hour way to school to continue their education and not to work on the rice field after the end of primary school. We were very happy to finally get to know the young people personally at school in October 2023. Today, there are already 50 children in this program.